Friday, June 4, 2010

Houston, We Have Touch Down.

We have arrived, and it literally seems like we are on another planet.

View from landing.

A view from the bus ride to Reykjavik

We are certainly not in Kansas anymore Toto. There are almost no trees here, and the ones that do stand look strangely sad compared to our lush Niagara forests. I will eventually be employing an in depth investigation of the two airports, and so far they are incredibly similar, except for you know the size difference. There seems to be a distinct color choice for all airports and that color is a very dull grey. Though, the airport in Iceland did have more natural wood, and a bit more artistic flair I guess one could say.

Everyone here is friendly so far, and language hasn't really become an issue, but we have been taught how to pronounce the exploding volcano's name, but alas, I have completely forgotten!

There is a distinct mix of the modern and history here. Today on a walking tour we went through some of the old streets, and just the names themselves point to a rich past, one section was named after all the sagas. There are also many monuments, one being of Leif Eriksson himself, which was donated by the States. There are also many modern touches such as the architecture. Many of the churches here are relatively new, and the building materials are very modern compared to the stone churches in Europe or North America, where they use concrete and corrugated metal for many of their buildings. And for a country with roots so far back in history, most of the buildings are really new, majority of them being built in the 18th and 19th centuries.


There is a strange beauty that I never expected, especially in the landscape. We have a magnificent view from our hotel room to the coast. The city also uses interesting sculptures as road mediums like piled up volcanic rock. Definitely visually interesting.

And finally I would like to make an introduction. I have a sheep, his name is Harold. He follows me everywhere. He will be in most of my pictures. My goal is have him photographed around the world. So while in Iceland, you will have the privilege of following Harold on his adventures. Enjoy!

This is Harold.

Harold at Leif Eriksson statue and Church.

Until next time! Eitt tungumál er aldrei nóg!


Pamela said...

OMG Harold is the cutest thing ever and I eagerly anticipate seeing him in more photos!!!!!

feven said...

Aweee love Harold! Your trip sounds magnificent so far Zoe!

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