Monday, June 14, 2010

Gone all Gone.

So I thought I would combine my weekend entry into one, seeing as I am A) lazy and B) busy. Currently I am sitting in the Hotel Lobby and we wait for the rest to finish packing and gather downstairs then wait for the bus to drive us to the airport. It feels like a time for reflections but first a recap!


Friday was a good day, there was a small lie in, then I took a bus with a few others down to the culture house as walking was slowly killing me. And I have to say the exibit at the culture house was really, really well done. It was an exibit on all the manuscripts and various sagas. Our Tour guide was hilarious! There was a display of manuscripts, though this time it was behind glass and I couldn't help laugh a little after our close up and personal encounter with them earlier in the week. There was a greater variety this time but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the monday encounter. I think the best part though was when we went to the 'scriptortium"


So over a year later I discover this unfinished post in which I wrapped up my time. I am sad I never finished it, I think I was going to say that we got to go and actually write on our own vellum and in runes which was tons of fun (and I still carry the results in my wallet). The rest of the weekend was spent at the viking festival I think which was awesome and we saw baby vikings that were beyond adorable!

We also tried to go whale watching but the day we went the storm was so bad we had to turn back halfway there unfortunately.

I miss this trip to Iceland, it was amazing! I made new friends, learned a heck of a lot and it left me with memories that I will cherish forever! I would just like to thank the professors again for putting together such a wonderful course and offering this oppurtunity to us! I hope this blog has inspired someone out there to visit Iceland it is well worth the trip!


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