Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Days and Counting

The day of departure is nearing, and excitement levels rise. The checklist seems to only get longer rather than shorter. So many things to get done and the clock is ticking. Readings to get done, essays to write, tickets to pick up and the most important a bag to pack! As we go through more and more Icelandic history, it strikes me how unique this country really is. The idea that most of their history is written down in these sagas is fascinating, and often begs more questions then answers them.

So many last minute things to get done, today I get my Kronars! (Icelandic currency) But it has finally struck me, I am going to ICELAND! How many people go there let alone get to experience their manuscripts first hand. There are so many things to experience, and hopefully we get through atleast half of them. I definately have whale watching and Icelandic dinners on my list (though some of the food unnerves me), and I think an Icelandic pint is necessary. What better way to experience a culture but through its beer?

The lists are made, the bags are pulled up from the basement, the ticket is in hand, now its all just a waiting game...


Erin said...

I had the exact same experience, where I just all of a sudden realized that I will be going to Icleand!! For real. It's just seemed so remote up until now, and now we're leaving TOMORROW! I can't wait! :)

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